My Love Affair with Silk Scarves

Love Silk ScarvesIf you have a love affair with scarves and love wearing, a scarf like I do, you know that you must wear the proper scarf even for as simple a task as asking a gentlemen, “What time is it?” After all, you are remembered by your first impression and your personal signature is written in the accessories you wear, and in this case, a scarf speaks for you!

As you have already deducted, I love beautiful scarves, silk scarves, raw silk scarves, angora scarves, knit scarves, print and solid colors scarves, and them scarves, etc. For this reason, I own a perfect scarf for just about every occasion.

I always recommend those who love scarves, as I do, to try some fun when shopping for scarves. For example, when I shop for scarves, I like to shop online, because online I find a greater variety of magnificent prints, solid and mixed colors, and unique designer styles of scarves that I can add to my collection of scarves at a better price. Yes, I love, love, love it that much!

So, I shop for unique designs such a scarf depicting scenes from Francisco for a trip to San Francisco. Or, a scarf depicting scenes of Italy, for a trip to Europe, even a nature scene scarf to wear when on a trip to Yellowstone Park, for example, you name it, if it is a scarf, I am turned on.

And I am constantly looking for new scarves and I am constantly observing how fashionable women wear their scarf, and that is how I have learned to make an inexpensive scarf look like a million dollars by simply the way it is coordinated with the right clothes or how it is worn on the shoulders, or by the contrast of its color against the color of an outfit.

Wearing Scarves

If you haven’t mastered the art of wearing scarves yet, I suggest cutting out magazine pictures and making a picture collage of models wearing scarves in different ways. This should help you to coordinate your wardrobe with your scarves, and your scarf colors as well.

Scarves can really show your sense of fun, your elegance, and your femininity, so have fun wearing scarves.

You can experiment and learn how to change the appearance of most your clothes in your wardrobe by simply wearing a scarf in different ways with it. It is a thrills to make a simple or old dress appear classic, or new, high fashion, or casual chic, just by accessorizing it with a different color scarf.

Best of all, you will learn how you can even make an old scarf itself look brand new and elegant simply by how you drape it over my shoulders, the neck, head, or waist. With the power that a scarf has to either dress up or dress down a outfit, scarves become almost a necessary accessory for those with both limited money to buy new clothes, or a necessity for those with limited time to coordinate their wardrobe every morning. No wonder the scarf is so highly prized among women accessories throughout history.

Scarves have been around for generations, and always making their debut from simple to chic, and always leaving their mark in the history of fashion. Therefore, you should never throw away a scarf that appears to have gone out of fashion. Fashions return and you can always find a good use for an old scarf.

For example, once I held on for years to a beautiful flower print silk scarf that I loved, till the day, I lost the belt for one of my my dressy pants that I wanted to wear. Suddenly had the idea to roll up my beautiful flower scarf and wear it as a belt with my dressy pants. The result was, that I went out looking like I had just walked out of the front page of a fashion magazine, and was showered with compliments. That is what a scarf can do for you.

So, my drawers are, of course, laced with scarves of all sorts, fancy scarves, fun scarves, western scarves, high fashion silk scarves, a beach hat scarf, casual dress scarves, Christmas Scarves, funky scarves, funny scarves, patriotic scarves, you name it.

And since I like silk scarves the most, I own a few magnificent silk scarves in various designs and colors, and beautiful prints.=

In addition to having fun with my scarf collection, I save a tremendous amount of money on clothing, by simply accessorizing my wardrobe with a scarf. I love the compliments I receive on my “beautiful ‘new’ outfit” at parties, at church, at weddings, and practically everywhere I go. I am flattered and grateful, too, that sometimes what people see as my “new outfit” is in reality a 10 year old dress.

How to Become a Dealer of Western Clothes-Part II

Western Wear Dealer ii

Continued from  “How To Become a Dealer For Western Clothing – Part I

The next important thing you need to know about selling or selling western goods is that you need to do your homework first and learn all you need to learn about western living, and western products. Then, decide which product you want to focus on.

Customer Experience

Next, as a dealer or store owner, you want your customers to return and return and return again, so you want to make it an experience for them to shop at your store. Make sure the music is pleasant and not blasting loud, make sure your employees are dressed in the same theme, in your case, they will be dressed in western styles that is sold in your store. Your employees are your models. Make the ambiance and environment match the focus of your products as well. Ask yourself, this question, what will you offer your customers that others don’t offer?


Perhaps you can offer a piece of rare type of western candy for free—or even offer something unique such as a drawing for a basket filled with fabulous western goods.

Or perhaps you may want to offer a sweepstake for a trip to a western location or a western concert or any kind of western extravaganza with all expensive paid. In this case you should including airfare, meals, and western lodging and western entertainment, such as a trip to Jackson Hole Wyoming. Let people have a chance to make multiple entries for the sweepstake, this will keep customers coming back to your store over and over. Or, you might want to hold a contest, for example a Western Belt Buckle Contest Event, or a Western Dance Carnival with food and prizes, sponsored by your store. Invite the radio station or TV station, have a ball with it! A pleasant experience at your store is important and keeps the customer returning. This is the reason most smart bookstores now offer a sit down coffee shop, and story time for children!

Customer Relationship

Another important thing to consider is that you need to make a relationship with a dependable, honest, and committed western products supplier. Of course a supplier will have hundreds of products and will want to sell all them. Again, keep in mind that success depends not on large volume of merchandise in your store, but success depends on how focused your merchandise is on the theme that you have chosen for your store, and also on the knowledge and the love that you and especially your sales people especially for the products you sell. So, you will not buy everything that your supplier offers, but only that one line of item that you are focused on at your store. More variety of merchandise is not better, focus, knowledge, attention to the need of the customer, and your love for what you sell, and providing a pleasant experience for the customer at your store is what fertilizes your the ground for success in sales.


At first, you may want to try two or three suppliers to test the quality of their products in your market and their dependability first, before you decide on who will buy from in a regular basis. Once you find a supplier that you can depend on to fill your order, you want to make your relationship strong with that supplier, and maintain a good communication with that supplier, and you want to be very honest in your dealings with your supplier as well, paying invoices on time, no unnecessary or non-sense complains, etc. If you maintain a good relationship with your supplier over time he will be willing to find especial items that you may need to buy in bulk, give you advices, etc.

Legal Concerns

Of course you want your western business to be completely legal, so you have never opened a store before, will need to contact your Chamber of Commerce and ask for the guidelines of your state and city to open a brick and mortar business, and find out what licenses you will need, what state registrations you need to file, and what tax forms you will need to fill and when and where to get those forms, and also if you will need an accountant or a book keeper to do your taxes and maintain the finances and the books for your business up to date.

And finally your Chamber of Commerce will also give you advice as to how to go about incorporating your business, and how to obtain grants, and business financial loans, or capital investors to start your business.

The Chamber or Commerce should also give you advice as to the best strategic zone locations in your town you should open your store. They can also give you advice as to how to obtain survey studies that should indicate the consumer need for the products you intend to sell, etc., so take advantage of of your Chamber of Commerce as source of information before opening your business.

Just Some Plain Ol’ Advice

And now a word of advice, you heard the phrase “moderation in all things”. Even if you know that your business will be a huge success, don’t be greedy and don’t start big. It is best to start small, and grow as your revenue grows.

As much as possible, stay out of debt. This means that at first your profits will be employed to pay off the business loan and overhead expenses and to run the business, instead of to expensive vacations, or fancy cars. One of the biggest mistakes small businesses owners, who are just starting out, make is starting to spend their profits on themselves before the business becomes established and the business debts are paid. You will enjoy by far more luxuries, if you wait until the business can truly support it for you without getting you into debt.

Run your business the wealthy way, run a debt free business.

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How to Become a Dealer of Western Clothes-Part I

Become a Western Wear DealerIf you are studying the possibility of going into a profitable business, you might just consider becoming a western apparel accessories dealer.


As a dealer of western apparel and accessories you are not the middle man. The middle man is your western goods supplier. But as a dealer, you make more money on a per item basis than the supplier does, because you are your own boss, and can mark up the products as you please according to their value and according to the wealth of the public that you serve.

Selling western apparel means that you buy your western wholesale items and you re-sale them at a mark up price.


You can sell your western wear at your brick and mortar store or at your online store. However, to really become successful at selling western products, such as western apparels and western accessories, you should sell them at a brick and mortar store, preferably a store located at a tourist area, such as a store at the main thoroughfare of a tourist town, or located at the main small business shopping locations of a large town.

It is not a good idea to locate your store at a Mall, as Mall shoppers usually tend to shop for fashions that are not western.

Business Plan

You should also be very, very focus on your business plan, by this I mean, you should focus on one western product to sell, and not all of them. For example, stores who focus on Western B-B-Q Sauces for example draw huge clouds as opposed to stores that sell all kinds of things, and add western products to their shelves.

To become successful, at being a western retailer, or dealer, you need to narrow your focus, and become specialized in one item, and them, expand your variety of that item as much as possible, so that withing that narrow choice the customer can have an array of other choices. For example, if your store specializes in Western belts, then you should sell western belts only, in an array of styles and designs and colors.

Western Theme

You should focus the name of your store on the theme of western belts, so people will know an recognize and brand your store name with what you sell. And everything else that you sell at your western store should be to accessorize your western belts, with a narrow focus at the belts, such as western style belt buckles made of precious metals, belt buckles made of semi-precious metals, rhinestones belts, rhinestones belt buckles, semi-precious stones belt, semi-precious stones belt buckles, including belt buckles with precious stones.

Successful Example

I saw my first example of a focused dealership in the 70’s. It was hat store. As you know, men and women hats were not in fashion in the 70’s. But, the wise owner of this store laser focused her merchandise to women hats only of all shapes and sizes and colors, in all kinds of hat styles. Her next wise step was that she opened a very, very small one room boutique at the highest tourist area of San Francisco, which was at pier 39.

Because the square footage of her hat shop was so small, it gave the impression that it was full of customers all the time. Now this is a sales psychology trick, if people see a lot of people at a store or at a restaurant, they can’t help but to go check it out what is so good about it. Let’s face it, would you go into a restaurant to eat or at a store to shop which always looks empty? Of course not.

So, when opening a specialized boutique or store, that is focused in one product, build a store that it is small footage so that just a few customers inside will make it look like a busy business all the time. However your items for sale must be well displayed and easily accessible to customers, so that they can handle your merchandise, and try it on on the spot, etc.

Don’t display everything you have all at once. You may display your most attractive items sparingly, one day at a time, and just a few items enough to attract customers, but not so many. Too many items in a store or on display makes the customer indecisive. Some people can’t make decisions, and too many choices in front of them confuses them, and they end up not buying anything. You want them to have only a few choices at a time, so they can make the decision to buy within 30 seconds of being in your store.

Offline and Online Store

Next, besides your brick and mortar store, you want also an online store, so that if you can capture customers that are looking for your western products online and sell to them. But, the same concept of laser focus and few products displayed at a time, goes for online stores—Too many items in your website, specially items that are not related, products that are not focused on your store theme, takes too much of the customer attention from what they really came online to buy and they click out and you loose the sale.

Don’t be deceived by the size of stores and their success, big spacious stores does mean success, some of the smallest little cabby spaces make the most money, especially if they are located in busy streets and tourist areas. If you are ever in San Francisco, you can see many example of these tiny boutiques, in tiny spaces making thousands of dollars a day. I’ve seen people standing on line to enter some of these specialized small stores on a sales day.

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History of Western Bandana

History of Western BandanaThe bandana have been around since medieval time and since pirates roamed the seas.

In Renaissance Europe, the bandana fashion came to be from the handkerchief and soon people discovered that it was a useful item and not just a fashion.

It turned out that the bandana item became so useful that it became not only a fashion accessory, but also a useful tool, each day being made more colorful and bigger to accommodate a certain a need.

Later bandanas began to become very popular, because it was more convenient to wear by the working class than the cravats.

Bandanas came to the Americas with pirates who came to the Caribbean sea to plunder gold filled Spanish galleons. Later the bandana came with the British colonists and the Red Coats and stayed in America ever since. Even the Native Americans wore bandanas on their necks and as bandanas were often exchanged as gifts or traded with the American Indians. And don’t forget the robbers too, who used their often black bandanas to cover their faces during a robbery!

But bandanas didn’t became truly fashionable and glamorous until Hollywood started making Western Movies featuring handsome actors acting as Sheriffs, and Zorro, wearing a bandana in their necks, mounted their their High-O-Silver horses and speeding away through dusty trails after robbers and Indians. Soon came the Cowboy Movies, too, and again handsome Texas cowboys were never seen without a bandana on their neck.

Besides fashion the bandana seems to always resolve a problem or two from first aid to style, to sun and sand protection the bandana comes to your rescue.

As a first aid band-aid the bandana can rescue a wounded traveler. It can keep the sun and the dust off a cowboy’s neck while rounding up cattle.

Bandanas can be used as a head band to keep your hair off your eyes when working outside, or be worn as ear muffs in cold weather. You can also wear it as a head scarf during camping, or hiking, or rock climbing. A bandana can even be useful as hot pad to move a hot pot from the coals at camp.

It is wise when hiking at unknown, or dangerous territory to wear a red bandana, in case you get lost and need to be found. You can wear a bandana as a tourniquet or sling for an arm injury, or even to protect your eyes during a blizzard.

And today city cowboys and city cowgirls, use bandanas as items of western fashion.

Men and women aline wear bandanas on their necks like a cowboy, and girls wear them sideways as fashionable neckerchief.

On your hair a bandana can be worn in may different ways to protect your head from the hot sun, or as a head scarf, and some people wear bandanas even as leg bracelets or a wrist bracelets.

Bandanas come in a great variety of colors, sizes, and design styles. The possibilities are endless as to how you can wear a bandana and as to the colors and styles to choose from is practically endless. And if you love western styles, or if you are looking for a western costume to wear, then you cannot forget your bandana, because it is the real western signature style.

Bandanas come in silk, cotton and linen, in an array of colors and different prints, the most common being the color red and in the paisley prints. And today, bandanas are such a demand western wear item, that huge fortunes are made by bandana suppliers and bandana dealers across America, who keep stores all over the country supplied with your choice of western bandana.