My Love Affair with Silk Scarves

Love Silk Scarves

If you have a love affair with scarves and love wearing, a scarf like I do, you know that you must wear the proper scarf even for as simple a task as asking a gentlemen, “What time is it?” After all, you are remembered by your first impression and your personal signature is written in […]

How to Become a Dealer of Western Clothes-Part II

Western Wear Dealer ii

Continued from  “” The next important thing you need to know about selling or selling western goods is that you need to do your homework first and learn all you need to learn about western living, and western products. Then, decide which product you want to focus on. Customer Experience Next, as a dealer or […]

How to Become a Dealer of Western Clothes-Part I

Become a Western Wear Dealer

If you are studying the possibility of going into a profitable business, you might just consider becoming a western apparel accessories dealer. Opportunity As a dealer of western apparel and accessories you are not the middle man. The middle man is your western goods supplier. But as a dealer, you make more money on a […]

History of Western Bandana

History of Western Bandana

Bandanas became fashionable with Hollywood western movies.

A Beginners Shopping list To Convert Your Wardrobe To Western

Love Silk Scarves

Know the difference of western styles from country styles, so you can buy the right look.