History of Western Bandana

History of Western BandanaThe bandana have been around since medieval time and since pirates roamed the seas.

In Renaissance Europe, the bandana fashion came to be from the handkerchief and soon people discovered that it was a useful item and not just a fashion.

It turned out that the bandana item became so useful that it became not only a fashion accessory, but also a useful tool, each day being made more colorful and bigger to accommodate a certain a need.

Later bandanas began to become very popular, because it was more convenient to wear by the working class than the cravats.

Bandanas came to the Americas with pirates who came to the Caribbean sea to plunder gold filled Spanish galleons. Later the bandana came with the British colonists and the Red Coats and stayed in America ever since. Even the Native Americans wore bandanas on their necks and as bandanas were often exchanged as gifts or traded with the American Indians. And don’t forget the robbers too, who used their often black bandanas to cover their faces during a robbery!

But bandanas didn’t became truly fashionable and glamorous until Hollywood started making Western Movies featuring handsome actors acting as Sheriffs, and Zorro, wearing a bandana in their necks, mounted their their High-O-Silver horses and speeding away through dusty trails after robbers and Indians. Soon came the Cowboy Movies, too, and again handsome Texas cowboys were never seen without a bandana on their neck.

Besides fashion the bandana seems to always resolve a problem or two from first aid to style, to sun and sand protection the bandana comes to your rescue.

As a first aid band-aid the bandana can rescue a wounded traveler. It can keep the sun and the dust off a cowboy’s neck while rounding up cattle.

Bandanas can be used as a head band to keep your hair off your eyes when working outside, or be worn as ear muffs in cold weather. You can also wear it as a head scarf during camping, or hiking, or rock climbing. A bandana can even be useful as hot pad to move a hot pot from the coals at camp.

It is wise when hiking at unknown, or dangerous territory to wear a red bandana, in case you get lost and need to be found. You can wear a bandana as a tourniquet or sling for an arm injury, or even to protect your eyes during a blizzard.

And today city cowboys and city cowgirls, use bandanas as items of western fashion.

Men and women aline wear bandanas on their necks like a cowboy, and girls wear them sideways as fashionable neckerchief.

On your hair a bandana can be worn in may different ways to protect your head from the hot sun, or as a head scarf, and some people wear bandanas even as leg bracelets or a wrist bracelets.

Bandanas come in a great variety of colors, sizes, and design styles. The possibilities are endless as to how you can wear a bandana and as to the colors and styles to choose from is practically endless. And if you love western styles, or if you are looking for a western costume to wear, then you cannot forget your bandana, because it is the real western signature style.

Bandanas come in silk, cotton and linen, in an array of colors and different prints, the most common being the color red and in the paisley prints. And today, bandanas are such a demand western wear item, that huge fortunes are made by bandana suppliers and bandana dealers across America, who keep stores all over the country supplied with your choice of western bandana.