My Love Affair with Silk Scarves

Love Silk ScarvesIf you have a love affair with scarves and love wearing, a scarf like I do, you know that you must wear the proper scarf even for as simple a task as asking a gentlemen, “What time is it?” After all, you are remembered by your first impression and your personal signature is written in the accessories you wear, and in this case, a scarf speaks for you!

As you have already deducted, I love beautiful scarves, silk scarves, raw silk scarves, angora scarves, knit scarves, print and solid colors scarves, and them scarves, etc. For this reason, I own a perfect scarf for just about every occasion.

I always recommend those who love scarves, as I do, to try some fun when shopping for scarves. For example, when I shop for scarves, I like to shop online, because online I find a greater variety of magnificent prints, solid and mixed colors, and unique designer styles of scarves that I can add to my collection of scarves at a better price. Yes, I love, love, love it that much!

So, I shop for unique designs such a scarf depicting scenes from Francisco for a trip to San Francisco. Or, a scarf depicting scenes of Italy, for a trip to Europe, even a nature scene scarf to wear when on a trip to Yellowstone Park, for example, you name it, if it is a scarf, I am turned on.

And I am constantly looking for new scarves and I am constantly observing how fashionable women wear their scarf, and that is how I have learned to make an inexpensive scarf look like a million dollars by simply the way it is coordinated with the right clothes or how it is worn on the shoulders, or by the contrast of its color against the color of an outfit.

Wearing Scarves

If you haven’t mastered the art of wearing scarves yet, I suggest cutting out magazine pictures and making a picture collage of models wearing scarves in different ways. This should help you to coordinate your wardrobe with your scarves, and your scarf colors as well.

Scarves can really show your sense of fun, your elegance, and your femininity, so have fun wearing scarves.

You can experiment and learn how to change the appearance of most your clothes in your wardrobe by simply wearing a scarf in different ways with it. It is a thrills to make a simple or old dress appear classic, or new, high fashion, or casual chic, just by accessorizing it with a different color scarf.

Best of all, you will learn how you can even make an old scarf itself look brand new and elegant simply by how you drape it over my shoulders, the neck, head, or waist. With the power that a scarf has to either dress up or dress down a outfit, scarves become almost a necessary accessory for those with both limited money to buy new clothes, or a necessity for those with limited time to coordinate their wardrobe every morning. No wonder the scarf is so highly prized among women accessories throughout history.

Scarves have been around for generations, and always making their debut from simple to chic, and always leaving their mark in the history of fashion. Therefore, you should never throw away a scarf that appears to have gone out of fashion. Fashions return and you can always find a good use for an old scarf.

For example, once I held on for years to a beautiful flower print silk scarf that I loved, till the day, I lost the belt for one of my my dressy pants that I wanted to wear. Suddenly had the idea to roll up my beautiful flower scarf and wear it as a belt with my dressy pants. The result was, that I went out looking like I had just walked out of the front page of a fashion magazine, and was showered with compliments. That is what a scarf can do for you.

So, my drawers are, of course, laced with scarves of all sorts, fancy scarves, fun scarves, western scarves, high fashion silk scarves, a beach hat scarf, casual dress scarves, Christmas Scarves, funky scarves, funny scarves, patriotic scarves, you name it.

And since I like silk scarves the most, I own a few magnificent silk scarves in various designs and colors, and beautiful prints.=

In addition to having fun with my scarf collection, I save a tremendous amount of money on clothing, by simply accessorizing my wardrobe with a scarf. I love the compliments I receive on my “beautiful ‘new’ outfit” at parties, at church, at weddings, and practically everywhere I go. I am flattered and grateful, too, that sometimes what people see as my “new outfit” is in reality a 10 year old dress.