Western Style of Clothing

Western Style of ClothingEvery man was a boy once, and boys love to play cowboy and Indian games. And when boys grow up they still love the cowboy clothes and love watching a good western movie about the Wild West with Sherriffs chasing robbers and cowboys rounding up their cattle, etc., and the little boy’s dream world come alive all over again.

Through the years Hollywood have also glamourized handsome Texan cowboys and beautiful Texan cowgirls in the movies wearing fascinating western clothing. Football games often feature western clad cheerleaders, and even the Miss America Pageants has been known to model the elegance of fine western styles. Thus, the old stereotype that a western lifestyle and fashion is reserved for the real cowboys and real cowgirls at the cattle ranches is no longer true. And one does not need to be grown up boy in a dream world to enjoy the many flavors a western lifestyle anymore.

Today with so many western specialty stores the cowboy and cow girl in heart whether can enjoy all the western fashions without being a ranchers or a farmers.


Nearly all department store now have a western fashion department where western clothing for men and for women and even for children are sold along with all kinds of western accessories, such as western boots, western jackets and western coats, western wool vests, hats and scarves, and belts and capes.

With country music increasing in popularity, and country music singers dominating the entertainment world, featuring great singers such as Taylor Swift and Randy Travis, young people have began loving western dances more and more and adopting western western lifestyles as city cowboys and city cowgirls by great numbers, the number of consumer of western products is increasing dramatically.

But the interesting thing is that, as the number of sophisticated “western” lovers increase, so does the number of western fashion designers increase as well. However, it is a fact to admire that each of these designers are capable to keep the originality flare their designs. Buffalo Bill Jr., and Billy The Kid would be jealous, if they were to take a pick at the wealth of high quality and the beauty of western clothing and accessories we have available today.

In fact in some areas of the country, and within certain groups of the wealthiest men and women, such as self made millionaires, are distinguished by their ostentatious, fashionable western attire.

But, the noble aspect of western fashion is besides being worn my the rich and poor alike, is its high quality and durability, as well as the honor it pays to America and what America stands for. Perhaps that is why self made millionaires tend to love the western style of clothing so much, because it represents honesty, hard work, and the endurance and strength of character of those who built America and made it great for us to enjoy today.